RNA Polymerase Group: Open Positions

University of Turku, Department of Life Technologies, Tykistökatu 6 (BioCity), 20520, Turku, Finland.

1. Currently open: Postdoctoral researcher in molecular mechanisms of transcription

The Molecular Mechanisms of Transcription laboratory at the Department of Life Technologies, University of Turku, Finland is looking for a postdoctoral researcher to join our international team. The laboratory studies mechanisms of RNA polymerase functioning, transcription systems of medically relevant bacteria and the mechanisms of action of transcription inhibitors. A successful candidate will have a choice of projects ranging from in vitro mechanistic studies using biophysical methods to in vivo studies of gene expression, genome editing and in vivo analysis of protein-protein interaction using crosslinking mass spectrometry. More information about our research at https://rnapolymerase.org.

A representative recent publication:

Mäkinen J.J., Shin Y., Vieras E., Virta P., Metsä-Ketelä M., Murakami K.S., Belogurov G.A. (2021) The mechanism of the nucleo-sugar selection by multi-subunit RNA polymerases. Nat. Commun. 12:796. https://www.nature.com/articles/s41467-021-21005-w

The applicant should hold a PhD in biochemistry, molecular biology, microbiology or related field and have hands-on expertise with basic biochemical assays. Ideally, the postdoctoral candidate should have some experience with in vitro transcription, nucleic acid enzymes and biophysical assays (but this is not a prerequisite as training will be provided). The research will be performed in close collaboration with structural biology, synthetic biology and chemistry teams. The applicant's ability to handle structural information (atomic models, density maps) and good knowledge of chemistry are a plus. The working language of the laboratory is English: good knowledge of written and spoken English is essential, whereas knowledge of Finnish is not a requirement. Please submit your application using the online application system by 31.10.2021 (GMT+2). Link to the online application form.

For questions and informal inquiries, contact Dr. Georgi Belogurov.

2. Postdoctoral researcher fellowships from Turku Collegium for Science, Medicine and Technology

Turku Collegium for Science, Medicine and Technology periodically has calls for postdoctoral applications (no open calls at the moment). The person to be appointed to the postdoctoral researcher position is required to hold a doctoral degree, which may not have been completed more than five years before the end of the application submission deadline. Particular attention is paid to the candidate’s international research experience. The successful candidate should have a linkage with the research activities of the University of Turku and should, as a rule, be able to join an existing research group or work under the supervision of a senior researcher at the University of Turku. Postdoctoral researchers who are interested in applying for the fellowship are encouraged to inquire about the possibility of drafting the fellowship application and, if the application is successful, joining our laboratory. Contact: Dr. Georgi Belogurov.

3. PhD students in molecular mechanisms of transcription

The Molecular Mechanisms of Transcription laboratory at the Department of Life Technologies, University of Turku, Finland is also inviting prospective PhD students to apply for the funded positions in the University of Turku Graduate School to join our team. The call for funded PhD student positions is open each September. The prospective applicants are expected to contact the research group well in advance to craft an application for the graduate school September call. In some cases the laboratory can offer an internship funding that allows prospective PhD students to start working in the lab before the funding from the graduate school is secured. Contact: Dr. Georgi Belogurov.

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